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The Gerard J. Jacobs Hockey Jamboree Committee


Sam Wilde (Chairman)

George 'Jake' Jacobs

Sue Jacobs

Vinnie Jacobs

Franklin Jacobs

Eddie Jacobs

Phil Loranger

Gerry Proulx

Rick Koles

Ed Santoro

Shaun Suprey

Joanne Suprey

Maria Daniels

Danny Wilson

Gary Middleton

Melissa Jenkins

Steve Jenkins

Anne Cole

David Cole


The Committee works to:

  • Ensure that players from the area are aware of the Jamboree and that all spots are filled

  • Identify sponsors for the ice and other items

  • Find donors for raffle items and cash contributions

  • Provide or secure food items for sale

  • Promote and advertise the Jamboree

  • Make the day easy for participants to enjoy and have fun


We can always use more help so please contact us if you would like to join the Committee.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Or To Join Our Email List...

If you have questions, suggestions or would like to join our email list, please feel free to contact the friends of the Gerard Jacobs Hockey Jamboree and we will do our best to be responsive.

Sam Wilde (Chairman) 617-955-7334

George 'Jake' Jacobs    978-815-8955

Gerry Proulx                508-572-3758

Phil Loranger               978-490-7772

Shaun Suprey             978-437-7812


Or send an email to the Jamboree gmail account by clicking on the following link or by using the form to the right.

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